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Sangeetgateway brings India’s first most dedicated and committed online portal that seeks to unite all the talented singers at one stage. It is a platform that showcases the talent of the singers and brings them the fame that they dreamt of. Sangeetgateway offers the singers to create their online versatile singing profiles on the website which can be followed by their fans and followers. It’s not necessary that you should be a professional performer, You can be a student, working professional, individual singer, music band, orchestra singer, etc. No matter at what level you are, no matter in which language you sings. If you sing in Hindi, you are welcome, if you sing in Marathi, you are welcome, if you sing in English, Telugu, Tamil, Gujarati, Kannada, Odia,Bengali, Urdu, Malayalam, Punjabi, Assamese or in any language, ... you are welcome. Sangeetgateway gives equal importance not only for any language, but also of any genres of music. Gazals, movie songs (filmi), classical singer, qawwali, religious songs, patriotic songs, modern pop and rock music, folk music, internation music, Goa trance music, jazz, Punjabi music, thumri, bhajan, bhangra, hori, Natya sangeet, Odissi, Sadra, Sufi music, Tarana, etc.

Sangeetgateway came with a goal of giving a very big platform to each and every singers of our nation where they can showcase online their melodious singing voice to the new audience and convert them into their fans and followers.

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