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Announcement to All Male Voice Singers in Pune

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Announcement to All Male Voice Singers in Pune

Now there is a way you can skip all the time-consuming, seemingly tough singing auditions in Pune. Introducing the country’s first online portal for male voice singers and all other metro cities in India!

Wait, what?? Did I hear that right?

Yes, indeed, SangeetGateway presents you a unique means of delivering your talent to all the potential talent seekers out there! We pledge to connect all you aspiring male voice singers with your potential employers, and get you the stage that you have been seeking, and which you deserve.

We are not looking for experience, we are looking for talent. So, you don’t need an experience as such, and you definitely don’t need a recommendation, as most auditions secretly need. SangeetGateway is an unbiased online platform where you will be judged solely based on the skills that you posses.

Besides, all the paperwork and standing in queues, and eternal waiting for a call letter is eliminated with the online platform. Also, you won’t be attending auditions from time to time, repeatedly, because if you even upload one or two good recordings, it will be present in our database for the entire duration, and it will be listened to by multiple seekers of male voice singers in Pune.

So, logon to our website today, and upload your recording. You may be efficient in rapping, or you may have a taste for classical or Hindustani music. Age and gender, no bar either! Simply register yourself on our website, and we will do all we can to spread the word.

Admire, Aspire, Inspire

So you are a hardcore musichead? Are you into pop? Or are you a rapper? Do you dig Gazals? It doesn’t matter, if you have a good voice and a good ear for sounds, you can be the next voice in the music scene! You are not far from making a career in the singing industry.

We are a team of admirers seeking to help you find your way into the professional music scene. After all, what better way to earn than by singing? That is, if you’re passionate about it…

So, here we are, at your reach anytime, from anywhere. Simply logon to our official website and record and upload your voice. Let it be heard by the thousand of seekers of new faces out there, and you might even have the privilege of hitting the studios! Your career in the music industry is just one step away. Attend our auditions regularly and you’re be on stage sooner than you think!

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