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I Want to Be a Singer

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I Want to Be a Singer

The ultimate resolution to your problem of unsuccessful auditions and an unrealized ambition is here! SangeetGateway is pleased to offer you the opportunity to hit the stage. Our response to your desire as to "I want to be a singer” – is our free online musician’s portal that you can use to spread your talent across the music industry!

Time to Make Your Voice Heard

Long have you waited and waited after standing in long queues a number of times, in vain. Here’s a great way to escape all the tedium associated with cracking an audition. No longer will your efforts be wasted on only one opportunity. At SangeetGateway, we bring you ample of opportunities, all together at once. Isn’t it time for you to reap the fruits of the seeds you have sown so far? Well, it is, indeed!

So, connect your mic to an amp and start singing while you record using a good quality recorder, or simply record your unplugged voice using a good phone recorder; it doesn’t matter. As long as the recording is clear, you are free to upload it onto our website. You know you want to be a singer, and so do we, and so do the professional musicians and talent seekers out there. If you have the skill for it, then we have a stage waiting for you!

Oh, and we almost forgot to mention – there are no gender, age, or location limitations. Similarly, you may be specializing in any music genres, including Hindustani, pop, rap, or even Classical. There are several event organizers to accommodate your specialty, and indeed there is also a vast stream of audience waiting to embrace fresh voices. This is the time you act, and now is the time to act smart! Logon to our website and register yourself, and we will do the rest!

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