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Free Vocalist Online Portal

Announcement! Announcement! To all the aspiring singers out there, your time is now!

Gone are the days when you had to stand in queues and spend hours trying to sign in for singing auditions. SangeetGateway is now here to present you an exciting opportunity in the music industry. Bringing to you India’s first free vocalist, to help make your dream come true! A handful of event organizers, studios, and professional musicians are seeking out fresh voices! You could just be the next big star in the Indian music scene!

You may be based anywhere in India, register on our website at the comfort of your home. Owing to the Internet boom we all seem to be getting used to, we bring you an alternative to the tedious audition procedures that once were the only way to gain entry into the music industry. Our free vocalist online portal is dedicated to bridging the gap between aspiring singers like you and those who are in dire need of new talent. Also, there is no specific requirement as to the genre of singing we are looking for. You may be a great rapper, or a Hindustani specialist, or even a classical vocalist; there are no restrictions. The same way, your talents will not be restricted to age or gender specificity. Simply logon to our website, upload your audio clip, and register yourself. As ours is a free vocalist online portal, you don’t need to spend a penny to avail this privilege!

So, undoubtedly, now is a great time to be a musician! So what are you waiting for? Record your voice and upload it on our website, and simply wait for a call or an email. Until then, keep practicing and keep learning new songs to cover on stage.

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