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What is sangeetgateway, what is this website all about?

Sangeetgateway is India’s first an online portal, dedicated to the singers. For Professional, mid career, or struggling. It is a website which provides platforms for the singers to showcase their singing talent worldwide which enables them to reach to the new audience, and bring them the fame that they dreamt of.

What are the charges for registration?

Currently registration is free.

Do I need any document for registration?

No, but you have to verify your email id to get registered.

Do I need to visit to your office for any registration formalities?

No, everything is online here.

What I get if I register with sangeetgateway?

Sangeetgateway brings a unique solution for your singing ability and its publicity. Now you are not bound to shine yourself and your singing by making private albums and market it. sangeetgateway gives a one click solution to showcase your singing voice and reach to new audience, and build new fans and followers that too at your home comfort.

Do I need to give any auditions?

No, direct audition is not required. But our sangeetguru will examine your voice through your audio before it gets uploaded on site.

Which audio should I upload?

You can record your song with any audio recording device and upload it at site. Make sure your voice is clearly audible in the uploaded song.

Are our songs getting judged? If yes who judge it? Like what we see nowadays in talent hunt platform in TV.

Yes, your voice gets judged. This helps getting awesome out of good. We have a team of experienced and qualified sangeet guru to judge singing performances in the audio uploaded by singers.

Who gives rating to our song?

Any visitor of the site, who likes your song, can rate it.

Do you sell our recorded / uploaded songs?

No, recorded song are only for presentation purpose.

Are my details, like email id, contact numbers safe?

We hide your contact details from the general visitors. Your email id, contact numbers and other details are secure.

In which are the cities your branches located?

Our office is located at Chinchwad, Pune.

What is the age limit for registration?

Sangeetgateway is open for any age group talent.

Songs in which language can be uploaded?

Sangeetgateway has no language bar.

I am a good guitarist, but not a singer, can I too get registered?

Sorry, currently sangeetgateway opens for singers only.

I am not an individual singer, but we are a music band, can we register?

Yes, Music bands can have its registration.

We sings in duet, can we two registered as single?

No, but you two can register separately, sharing the same audio.

Do you support in recordings, I don’t have any recorded song, so what can I do?

You can upload your song within 10 days after your registration. But always keep in mind that profiles without song is not searchable.

I have audio song with proper karoke, can I upload it too?

Yes, but always remember, your voice should be clearly audible in the uploaded song.

I have written my own lyrics, and song. Can I upload it?

Yes, you can.

Can NRI be registered?


Do you provide any training, or run any training classes?

No, in current phase we do not run any training classes.

Will you employ us ?

No, sangeetgateway is not a musical company which offers jobs for you. We are an online talent hunt portal which put lights on hidden singing talents across India. So that nobody has to sacrifices their singing talent for their day to day responsibility.

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