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What I get if I registered with sangeetgateway?

Sangeetgateway offers a dedicated and open portal for singers to expose their singing talent. It’s now easy and one step solution to get singers as per your requirement and budget. You don’t have to sacrifices with your existing singer for unsatisfactory performances or autocracy by singers due to non availability for right time and at right place at right cost and much more.

Do you have any experienced singers?

Sangeetgateway is an open portal for singers from any languages, any age group, and fresher, experienced and masters.

Do you sell the songs already recorded or uploaded by singers?

No, recorded song are only for presentation purpose.

I am looking for classical singer / I am looking for a pop singer / I am looking for Gazal singer for my events / we are in search of child artist, can sangeetgateway help us? Do you support any particular type of singer?

Sangeetgateway believes music has no restrictions for its category, it is open for any type of singers like classical, pop, rock, folk, etc.

Our orchestra audience is asking for Marathi / Tamil / Telgu singer. From where I can get it?

Sangeetgateway is dedicated to give single click solution for any singer search for any languages, any age group, or any with musical type.

Do you have international singers?

Music has no boundary. sangeetgateway is open for singers with any nationality.

Do you give any training to singers?

No, in current phase we do not run any training classes.

Do you have any judges with you who can judge the voice quality of singers, or we have to take auditions.

Yes, we have a team of experienced and qualified sangeet gurus to judge singers performances in the audio uploaded by them. We are doing it for some basic criteria like singing voice, singing quality, musical awareness, etc. This helps us get awesome out of good. If you have any specific requirement which we do not cover in our quality checking, you can proceed for audition according to your requirements.

Can you suggest any good singer for us?

Sorry, selection of singer is totally depends on you based on your criteria. We do not prefer any particular singer as all singers has equal importance for us.

If we select any singer from sangeetgateway. Do you charge any part of fees paid to them?

We are here to help you get good singers according to your requirement. Once you got it, we are succeeded. We charge neither from singer nor from organizer, any part of fees.

What are the changers of singers?

The charges of singers are depending on individual’s skills, you can directly deal with them for the charges.

Do you take any charges for registration?

Currently registration is free.

How many profiles we can see in free login

Free login allows 50 profiles to view.

I am looking for a good guitarist / or we are looking for a person good on drums, can you help us?

Sorry, sangeetgateway is an open platform only for singers.

We are updating our contact number, what effort do you take to keep it secure ?

We hide your contact details from all general visitors. Your number is only for our reference. Still be careful and please check the genuinity before finalizing the deal or going with any singer. Never deal with any individuals blindly.

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