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Welcome to sangeetgateway,

We appreciate your sincerity and awareness towards your singing talent. No matter if today your singing voice is hidden from the real world, but tomorrow it can be published and bring it to the notice of millions. It is a well known fact that India is full of young and talented singers with quite mesmerizing melodious voices. Certainly, they are creating a revolution in the Indian music industry. But they require the right professional guidance and direction that can perfectly shape their singing talent, and also right platform to channelize their latent talents to the best across the globe.

Unfortunately! Truth has some other face. The real talent never found its way easy. They need to sacrifices their family responsibilities. They need to compromise with their work commitment. Very few earns name and fame from this glamorous career, and rest all remains stuck under a tag of struggling artist. So, what you think is required to follow the path of success??? Is it the real potential, positive attitude towards the goal, correct guidance, or hard work? And yes, above all, a right platform. There is one more factor, and that is a “GOD FATHER”. But having a GOD father in the field they desire is almost impossible for everyone. Does it mean without God father, without correct guidance, even without good opportunity, your singing talent is not worth, even though you work hard for it, even though you are positive about your goals. No, it’s not true. We should not forgive that we are into the world of internet, here no one is unheard, and no one is unattended. Internet raises every small or big voice to its million, billion or even trillion users. Then why should singers be on back foot.

Sangeetgateway brings India’s first most dedicated and committed online portal that seeks to unite all the talented singers at one stage. It is platforms that showcases the talent of the singers and bring them the fame that they dreamt of. Sangeetgateway offers the singers to create their online versatile singing profiles on the website which can be followed by their fans and followers. It’s not necessary that you should be a professional performer; you can be a student, working professional, individual singer, music band, orchestra singer, etc. No matter at what level you are, no matter in which language you sings. If you sing in Hindi, you are welcome, if you sing in Marathi, you are welcome, if you sing in English, Telugu, Tamil, Gujarati, Kannada, Odia, Bengali, Urdu, Malayalam, Punjabi, Assamese or in any language, you are welcome. Sangeetgateway gives equal importance not only for any language, but also of any genres of music. Gazals, movie songs (filmi), classical singer, qawwali, religious songs, patriotic songs, modern pop and rock music, folk music, internation music, Goa trance music, jazz, Punjabi music, thumri, bhajan, bhangra, hori, Natya sangeet, Odissi, Sadra, Sufi music, Tarana, etc.

Sangeetgateway is an online singing portal that is developed by “AwazDoHumko Enterprises”, an Indian company located in Pune. For years, the company has been striving hard to work towards the ambitious singers and provide a single step solution to the various music requirements such as, chorus recordings, live orchestra, advertisement jingles, songs recording, etc. We are established with the objective to provide unique exposure to the hidden but talented singers, to lessen the gap between the fresher’s and the industry experts, to provide a click away solution to the music industry seekers and singers.

Have you got the right singing skills? Enter the world of new fame where your fans are waiting for you. Get new fans, new followers, entirely new audience, that too without compromising your home comfort. Now no more album release is required, no more struggle in the never ending queue outside the big branded singing competition. Believe it or not, but it’s true. Building your singing audience and fan is just a one click job.

Sangeetgateway came with a goal of giving a very big platform to each and every singers of our nation where they can showcase online their melodious singing voice to the new audience and convert them into their fans and followers.

Here are the few reasons, why you need to join hand in hand with us and share your melodious voice online with us-

  • By using our platform you may become popular with an increasing fans following, without disturbing your routine life.
  • Your talented singing audio will get circulated on a global platform and circulated worldwide.
  • You will get promotion, motivation and inspiration from your singing talent and from our website.
  • Your superior performance might attract a performance in a big stage and launch you in the most innovative way that you have ever dreamt of.

After all what makes you famous and glamorous is none other than your fans and followers. More fans....more fame.

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